Executive Recruiting

We have deep expertise in diversity and inclusion. Our founder, Rory E. Verrett, has 20 years of experience leading these functions, advising organizations on how to structure these positions, and recruiting dynamic leaders from diverse backgrounds for these roles. As a result, we leverage established, trusted relationships to ensure a diverse slate of exceptional candidates on every search.

Diverse Talent Pipelines

We introduce our clients to exceptional diverse talent in the market through confidential executive introductions. We partner with organizations to understand what challenges exist in recruiting and retaining diverse talent within business units and functions, at specific levels within the organization, and on boards of directors. Our unmatched credibility in the market ensures that our clients get top talent for hard to fill positions.

Talent Advisory in Diversity

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is difficult work. We partner with organizations to help develop and execute D&I strategies which create measurable value and impact, help drive innovation, and foster internal accountability. For organizations in need of an interim Chief Diversity Officer, we offer a suite of services to help enterprises get started, get unstuck, or sustain momentum for D&I strategies. We share and consider best practices in D&I from other industries and their potential application within a client’s organizational culture.

Executive Coaching for Diverse Talent

The first 90 days are critical to the success of new executives. This is why we offer wrap around executive coaching for each placement. These coaching sessions are included as part of every search assignment at no additional charge. We also provide executive coaching to existing leaders in the organization on an individual basis to help maximize and sustain their performance and to ensure their retention.

Our Focus and Experience

We recruit for specific functions and roles we understand deeply and within networks we know extensively, including:

What Our Clients Can Expect

There are four distinct periods in the Protégé Search process. We augment this process with two critical aspects of client stewardship. First, we communicate, and then communicate, and then communicate some more. Second, we tailor the search process to the unique needs of each client assignment – whether it’s candidate case study assignments, benchmarking an internal candidate against the market, more extensive referencing, or intensive, customized coaching.

Understanding the Need

We partner with you to understand the context for the hire, the uniqueness of your organizational culture, and the specific competencies and attributes the successful candidate should possess. We write a detailed position description and provide an early preview of the candidate market to set appropriate expectations.

Sourcing the Market

We tap into our extensive networks and apply rigorous research methodologies to find the true superstars in the market. We set up periodic check-ins to ensure client satisfaction with the competencies, compensation, and culture fit within the candidate slate.

Evaluating the Slate

We collaborate with clients to organize interviews and evaluate feedback from the internal interview team. We prioritize candidates for the first and second round interviews and, on occasion, help to develop case study assignments for finalist candidates.

Selecting the Finalist

We are tethered to our clients through the final stage of the search process, and beyond. We negotiate the offer, check references, and with your guidance, help provide executive coaching over the first 90 days of the executive’s tenure. Our last retainer is paid when the candidate accepts the offer, ensuring that we move quickly to find you the highest performing, diverse candidates on each assignment.

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