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Black Man Brilliance – Stephen Powell on Mentoring

Welcome to Protégé Podcast Presents: #BlackManBrilliance! Over the next 12 months, we are going to celebrate the unique and enduring brilliance of black men. I’m going to interview 20 extraordinary black men and talk about a variety of topics important to us as black men: mentoring, our physical and mental health, our political involvement, community service, marriage, finances, parenting, our culture, our identity, entrepreneurship, and much, much more. On our first of 20 episodes, I’m thrilled to welcome mentoring guru Stephen Powell. Stephen is chief programs and partnerships officer at National Cares Mentoring movement, a national nonprofit founded by Susan Taylor, the founder of Essence magazine. Stephen and I talk about the importance of self care, setting boundaries for toxic people, and the powerful and lasting effects of both youth and peer mentoring.

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